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Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 16:31

TManager 7 is a state of the art product, which incorporates both traffic trading and content management engines.


What sets us apart, is that TManager7 is developed by professional programmers, with a constant supervision and feedback from many active webmasters. That means, that every feature is relevant to business, and is there to help you grow your sites, maximize sales and reduce your work load.


Here's a quick list on why you would want to use TManager 7 on your network:

  • There are no licence fees! Just host with us, simply pay for your server and traffic, and you can use TManager 7 on any number of domains!
  • Best performance and reliability because of combining RAM and MySQL for data storing!
  • Both traffic trading and content management software in one package - less admin panels to keep track of!
  • Sophisticated algorithms on both trade and content engines, that will keep manual babysitting at minimum
  • Use one admin panel to get a quick glance at whats happening on your whole network, traffic stats, content stats etc.
  • Automatic, behind the scenes update if a fix is available - your site is always up to date with latest bugfixes and security patches
  • Stable - even in a rare event of database crashes etc., your mainpage stays up and sends to content
  • Lightening fast - for immediate data, we don't use MySQL, but RAM!


Here are even more reasons to choose TManager 7:


Often, scripts and servers conflict, and while script support is pointing fingers at hosting support and vice versa, it is not a case with us. Our servers are custom tuned to match requirements of high traffic web sites, and to ensure maximum compatibility with our software. That also means security - by default, we don't need to enable potentially dangerous functions, just to cater the needs of 9 different scripts. That is why we don't sell it - we want to ensure maximum compatibility for your convenience!


Customer wishes drive our development - you can get a feature you want, talk to people in charge, and as a result, have exactly what you need!


Script is actively developed and supported for many years already, by overgoing a complete code rewrite in 2007. It is a mature, safe and reliable product while new features are still being added almost every week!


See a short video tour of TManager 7 admin panel:


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