TManager 7 Features
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Written by Matt   
Friday, 16 October 2009 07:31

List of TManager 7 features:


* this list is not complete


  • Possibility to overview your network stats from one admin panel
  • See server stats right in your admin panel (RAM, HDD, CPU usage etc.)
  • See if your script is up to date (major version changes - simple updates are applied automatically behind the scenes!)
  • Utilize extensive logging to see why something doesn't work the way you expect
  • Define multiple script users - so you don't have to give out the main password to your traffic manager


  • Outlist is generated every minute, and outlist position weight can be defined by administrator
  • Protection against oversend to small trades
  • Outlist may differ for each niche
  • Extensive statistics for each trade: IP stats, country, referers, deviance (includes click again, incoming first click etc. difference from site average)
  • 4 various force types: hourly, "force right now", "trade boost", "free hits"
  • standard features like trade cap, blacklist and mark
  • new trades automatically marked, enabled/disabled on signup
  • max clicks from IP, max counted clicks, max counted sends, min click time and other automatically enforced anticheat settings
  • stop sending user to trades after X clicks
  • autocorrection engine with various triggers and operations to perform if event triggers
  • hitbot trap - hidden link
  • .. and a lot more

Content management

  • Powerful spider - fetches from images, videos, .flvs
  • Easy and flexible templating
  • Automatically finds out best thumb from any gallery, and deletes the rest
  • Flash based manual cropper
  • Supports thumb clusters - creates them from video content and on mouse over, plays back so that surfer can see multiple stills from one video
  • Engine supports BOTH cast page and cast spot based rotation
  • Multiple niche support
  • Archive pages support
  • Traffic selling spots
  • Highly customizable skim settings: per niche, per sponsor, default etc.
  • Enable/disable sponsor galleries
  • .. and a lot more
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