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Written by Matt   
Thursday, 15 October 2009 13:29

You don't have to bother about script requirements and server specs any more - unless you want to! We have that figured out for you. Providing software as service, we can ensure maximum compatibility. We offer high quality hosting and our main area of expertise is traffic trading sites. We host anything from small networks to networks spanning many servers and hundreds of domains, and surely, we will be able to offer something that is exactly right for you!


We custom tune each server to handle as much traffic as possible, by using our know-how and industry standard tools, such as OS FreeBSD, Apache/Nginx webservers, PHP5, MySQL database backend. Our traffic trading and content management software, provided as service, extensively uses memory caching, that means, that each in/out hit won't use MySQL at all - just RAM! Check out our software - TManager7 to see what it can do for your business.


Take a look at Top 5 reasons to choose ThumbSiteHosting as your service provider:

  • Software As Service - you don't buy scripts, you have them for free! Not only that, but you will always be running the latest version and your server will be tuned to match its requirements, of course, without additional price!
  • 7 year experience in adult script development and hosting means stability and consistant improvement!
  • We are hosting anything between small sized, one server networks to huge multiple server, hundreds of domains networks - surely, we will find a solution for you!
  • You will interact directly with key decision makers - want a feature - we'll see to get it done!
  • Our solutions are fast, stable and secure, proven by track record on thousands of sites.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out TManager 7 impressive features, and see what special offers we have in store for you!


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